A useful youtube archiver, utilizing yt-dlp, for osx/linux/windows(wsl).
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# This is an example linklist file, just to show the data structure.
# This structure is identical to the linklist-videos.yaml, and to the linklist-music.yaml files. (You have to create these yourself, in repository-root!)
# If this file is called linklist-videos.yaml, all entries would be downloaded as videos. If you'd call it linklist-music.yaml, all entries would be downloaded as mp3 files.
# Important logic:
# - Entries are seperated via a single line containting "-".
# - All entries MUST provide the member "url".
# - An entry CAN specificy a "folder-name", but does not HAVE to. If not, the "folder-name" will default to a videos uploader. You might want to specify it for playlists!
# Let's look at a few simple entries:
# We want to download all the stuff of Eminem!
# Eminem
url: https://www.youtube.com/c/eminem/videos
folder-name: Eminem # We want to explicitly state the directory name, since the uploader is sometimes "Eminem" and sometimes "EminemVEVO". We want it all in one place!
# Let's also download all the stuff of DJ S3RL.
# Since S3RL does not do any of that VEVO bs, we can just let the folder-name default to the uploaders name.
# S3RL
url: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb6JTMjrHZCYFD9Y04CBk9g
# Let's say we have a playlist with stuff from a gazillion different uploaders.
# Letting the "folder-name" default, would wreak havoc upon the file-structure, since the playlist would be spread over a gazillion different directories, one for each uploader.
# So, let's again explicitly specify the directory name
# Snoop Dogg
url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zV-Xcy_bF2w&list=PL75C4B43E5F60A82C
folder-name: Snoog Dogg