Added ruwe to repwace R lettews witw W

Leon Etienne 10 months ago
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commit 3b33447103

.gitignore vendored

@ -37,7 +37,7 @@
# *.ipr
# CMake
# Mongo Explorer plugin

@ -196,6 +196,46 @@ static inline std::string MakeUwu(std::string boringString) {
// Replace R with W, but only (if it's preceeded by a vowel,
// or preceeded by another 'r',
// or if it's the first character of a word)
// and if it's not the last character of a word
boringString = Util::ConditionalReplaceButKeepSigns(
[](const std::string& original, const std::string& finding, const std::size_t index) {
// Don't replace if it's the last character
if (index + finding.length() == original.length())
return false;
// Do blindly replace if it's the first character
if (index == 0)
return true;
// Fetch the last character
const char lastChar = CharTools::MakeLower(original[index - 1]);
// Fetch the next char
const char nextChar = CharTools::MakeLower(original[index + finding.length()]);
// Don't replace, if the last char is not a letter
if (!CharTools::IsLetter(lastChar))
return false;
// Don't replace, if the next char is not a letter
if (!CharTools::IsLetter(nextChar))
return false;
// Replace, if the last character is an 'r' aswell
if (lastChar == 'r')
return true;
// Replace, if the last character is a vowel.
return CharTools::IsVowel(lastChar);
// Replace random punctuation with uwwwwu cute symbols
// About evewy fifteenth symbol
std::stringstream ss;