A probably bad, slow, but super easy to use block cipher. https://www.leonetienne.de/projects/code-it-yourself/gcrypt.html
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#include "GCrypt/Block.h"
#include "GCrypt/GCipher.h"
#include <vector>
namespace Leonetienne::GCrypt {
/** This class implements a hash function, based on the GCrypt cipher
class GHash {
//! Will add the hash value of the block `data` to the hashsum.
//! WARNING: If you compute hashes using this digestive method,
//! you REALLY REALLY should add a trailing block just containing the cleartext size!
//! You MOST LIKELY just want to use the wrapper function GHash::CalculateHashsum(Flexblock const&) instead!
void Digest(const Block& data);
//! Will return the current hashsum
const Block& GetHashsum() const;
//! Will calculate a hashsum for `blocks`.
//! Whilst n_bytes is optional, it is HIGHLY recommended to supply.
//! Without specifying the size of the input (doesn't always have to be 512*n bits)
//! b'293eff' would hash to the exact same values as b'293eff0000'
static Block CalculateHashsum(const std::vector<Block>& blocks, std::size_t n_bytes = std::string::npos);
//! Will calculate a hashsum for a string
static Block HashString(const std::string& str);
void operator=(const GHash& other);
//! The cipher to use
GCipher cipher;
//! The current state of the hashsum
Block block;